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Cattle Farmers Enjoy Full Benefits of Livestock

07 August 2019

ZIMBABWE - Cattle ownership in the country’s rural areas has often been regarded as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Besides being a source of pride, it also provides cover in times of socio-economic shocks such as hunger and drought.

Many subsistence farmers in Takawira resettlement area, Zezai and Rusununguko villages here, however, could not make the most of their cattle in the past due to lack of knowledge on how to maximise on the benefits derived from their livestock in the fight against poverty.

For many years, some of these villagers merely boasted about their ownership of cattle, though they had nothing significant to show for it. The cattle had poor yields and there was no viable market for their milk, which they ended up selling to neighbours for a song.

But things have started looking up, courtesy of the Feed the Future Zimbabwe Livestock Development Programme bankrolled by USAid through which farmers are being trained to maximise benefits from their cattle.

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Source: NewsDay

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