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Fiji Cattle Under Threat of TB

12 September 2018

FIJI - Cattle being exposed to tuberculosis are becoming a threat to farmers such as Vijay Nand.

According to The Fiji Times, Mr Nand, who has been a cattle farmer for many years, claims he lost 160 heads since 2015 because of tuberculosis.

His biggest challenge, he said, was replacing his stock.

“Losing 160 cattle, that is a big loss for me as a cattle farmer,” he said.

Mr Nand says with an inventory of 250 cattle heads on his farm, he has been trying to rear calves.

“I have been rearing calves hoping to replace it with the ones I have lost due to TB. This (rearing) takes three years and that is not an easy job.

“When the mother is dying or being slaughtered, where will we get the replacement from? For me I know this (rearing) is the only way.

“We have to build this back and try and get back to the numbers we had in previous years or even bigger.

“Like any other cattle farmer here in Korovou, we are all trying to have the same stock we had in the past year but in order to have that we need to make sure that our cattle are safe and free from TB,” said Mr Nand.

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