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Official Opening of Vion's New Cattle Slaughterhouse in Waldkraiburg

11 September 2018

GERMANY - On Saturday (8 September), Vion's COO Bernd Stange welcomed guests from politics, society, agriculture and customers of the company to the official opening of the most modern beef production location of Vion in Waldkraiburg.

In his welcome speech, Mr Stange emphasized the significance of the Waldkraiburg location for the company. After completed renovation and expansion of the facility, Vion Waldkraiburg is now not only considered the most technically advanced cattle slaughterhouse in Europe, but also one of the largest.

"With the new expansion stage, we slaughter and process 5,000 cattle per week, which are delivered almost 100 per cent from Bavaria," explained Mr Stange. "And more than 85 per cent of the animals belong to the Simmental breed, grown up here in the heart of the Simmental breeding area."

In the past two years, Vion has invested 22.6 million euros in Waldkraiburg.

"For a few weeks now, we have been operating at full capacity and I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues Klaus Erber, Matthias Strigl, Rainer Hartmann and the 550 employees for their dedicated work over the last two years during the rebuilding phase whilst ongoing production," said Mr Stange.

Vion’s new CEO, Ronald Lotgerink, emphasized that Vion pays particular attention to its day-to-day responsibility for the environment, sustainability, transparency and animal welfare. These topics have been high on Vion’s agenda for many years.

"The results of reducing CO2 emissions, the conservation of water in the production, the appropriate disposal and the sustainable use of energy and production on our own farms are on an equal footing with our business results," said Mr Lotgerink. "We as Vion are aware of our social responsibility."

The refinement president of the Bavarian Farmers´Association Gerhard Stadler took up the last words of Mr Lotgerink and emphasized in his speech, "Animal welfare is a mega-topic from husbandry to the end of the production chain."

Everyone is required, farmers, industry, trade, but also consumers, who have to pay more for higher standards. In case of animal welfare, Vion exhibited an important step via the expansion.

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