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Guatemalan Restaurant Rewards Customers with US Beef Grill Master Event

19 July 2018

GUATEMALA - USMEF partnered with a popular, high-end Central American restaurant group to promote US beef with a grilling demonstration and an educational presentation on the advantages of US product.

The US Beef Grill Master event at Restaurant Hacienda Real in Guatemala City was funded by the Beef Checkoff Program. USMEF is a contractor to the Beef Checkoff.

Cuts of US beef were grilled for customers of Restaurant Hacienda Real in Guatemala City at a US Beef Grill Master event organized by USMEF [Photo: USMEF]

Restaurant Hacienda Real, which has four restaurants in Guatemala City as well as locations in El Salvador, Honduras and Panama, saw the Grill Master demonstration as a way to thank loyal customers and promote the restaurant group’s image as an innovative business.

"This activity was of strategic importance to USMEF because Restaurant Hacienda Real purchased nearly 125,000 pounds of imported beef in 2017, and they use several cuts of US beef in their restaurants, including short ribs, coulotte, outside skirt and ribeye," said Gerardo Rodriguez, USMEF marketing director in Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic.

A demonstration on proper grilling techniques at the US Beef Grill Master event in Guatemala City [Photo: USMEF]

Mr Rodriguez explained that the restaurant also has US beef porterhouse, New York, tomahawk, T-bone and cowboy steaks available for loyal diners.

"The restaurant wanted customers to remember their brand, and it was a way of thanking them for their business," he said. "Placing high-quality US beef dishes in front of the customers during this event also helps build loyalty for our US products."

During the Grill Master event, USMEF consultant Saul Bueso gave a brief presentation on the attributes, grading and marbling of each of the US beef cuts offered at the restaurant. USMEF Chef Pablo Lou followed with a grilling demonstration.

Attendees then sampled the US beef cuts, which were paired with a variety of side dishes.

"In markets like Guatemala, where USMEF is working hard to grow demand for US beef, giving consumers a chance to taste cuts prepared and cooked in different ways is key to gaining new customers and building loyalty among existing customers," Mr Rodriguez said. "In this case, it also helps strengthen our relationship with a restaurant that is eager to sell more US beef."

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