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Angus Breedplan Moves to Fortnightly Analyses

13 December 2016

AUSTRALIA - Angus breeders have led the Australian beef industry with the adoption of BREEDPLAN technology and this is set to continue in 2017 with Angus Australia becoming the first breed association in Australia to routinely conduct BREEDPLAN analyses on a fortnightly basis.

The move is part of Angus Australia’s commitment to provide world leading genetic evaluation services to the Angus breeders in Australia, and will result in considerably reduced turn-around times between the submission of performance data and the availability of updated EBVs.

The submission deadlines for inclusion in the Angus BREEDPLAN analyses during 2017 are outlined in Table 1.

To cover the associated increases in ABRI costs of fortnightly analyses, the annual BREEDPLAN enrolment fee will increase from A$165 (inc GST) to A$195 (inc GST). All other fees and charges for Angus BREEDPLAN will remain unchanged.

For any further enquiries regarding the 2017 Angus BREEDPLAN Analysis Dates, please contact Ashleigh Horne,

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