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Norway and Tanzania Unite in Cattle Project

30 April 2014

TANZANIA – A University partnership drawing on Scandinavian expertise is working to lift beef and milk production from pastoral Tanzanian farming.

A collaboration between Sokoine University of Agriculture and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, the project is introducing new approaches to breeding, feeding and healthcare.

Outcomes centre on using proven technologies to promote the adoption of agriculture and natural resource use in a way sympathetic to climate change.

Under the programme for Enhancing Pro-poor Innovations in Natural Resources and Agricultural Value (EPINAV), progress and knowledge are possible by funding research proposals that contribute to the programme outputs and purpose.

According to EPINAV coordinator and senior lecturer Professor Kurwijila, beef and dairy output is directly benefitting.

"The main objective of the project is to enhance beef and milk productivity and marketing systems of pastoral communities in order to ensure constant supply,” he said. “By doing so, livelihood security is promoted through greater participation of pastoral communities along the product's value chain.

"The projects are guided by a value chain framework, and will analyse holistically pastoral cattle and the milk market and promote increased production through the introduction and up-scaling of appropriate technologies which have been tested and proved to contribute to improved cattle productivity."


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