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Governments Sign Breeding Stock Agreement

21 March 2013

VENEZUELA – Breeding pigs and beef cattle, semen and embryos will be imported from Colombia following a health care protocol signed this week between the Institute of Colombian Agriculture (ICA) and the National Institute of Venezuelan Agricultural Health (INSAI).

All shipments for transport must be ICA registered and approved and conform to health standards.

Columbian trade agreements are currently in place for bovine semen to Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil with Ecuador being involved in a pig, pig semen and bovine embryo arrangement.

"The signing of these protocols with Venezuela is the result of work done by the ICA. Besides benefiting livestock directly, animal health confirms that Colombia is a key market for growth," said Teresita Beltran Ospina, CEO of ICA, who also stressed the importance of continuing work in the maintenance and improvement the status of the country.

Pigs to be exported under the agreement must be from ICA registered holdings with an accompanying ICA health certificate stating the animal is swine fever, influenza, brucellosis, tuberculosis (TB) and parasite free.

Cattle must be quarantined for 30 days following TB and brucellosis inspections and a foot and mouth disease vaccination. Minimum weight limits are 280 kilos.

Embryos are to come from ICA registered cows, be disease free and come from authorised artificial insemination centre.

The ICA General Manager said the company will evaluate the compliance of sanitary measures outlined in the protocols and in the export process to Venezuela.

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