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VIV Europe 2014 Digital

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The “Special VIV Europe Digital” brought to you by 5m Publishing and ThePoultry/Pig/Cattle/Dairy/

With over 550 exhibitors and an anticipated audience of 20,000 visitors, 75% being international, be part of this truly global, multi-species opportunity and raise your company profile, before, during and after the show.

This special edition will take a look at three main areas of production in the food chain – animal feed and nutrition, animal health and welfare and meat production.

The digital edition will review the prospects for the exhibition outlining the visitor and exhibitor profiles and the content of the programmes to accompany the show.

Pig and Poultry senior editor, Jackie Linden will look at how sustainable production will be represented at the exhibition.

On the feed and nutrition aspects, this special edition will look at the major European legislation covering feed, which is now as heavily regulated as food itself. It will also take a scientific view on the nutritional value of soy as a feed.

On health issues, the edition will look at two of the major concerns in the pig and poultry sector in Europe at the present time – the impact of the outbreak of African swine fever in Russia and now in the EU in Lithuania and the impact of the novel avian influenza strain AH7N9.

On welfare and meat production, an article will discuss the regulations surrounding welfare of animals at slaughter, stunning methods and the advice from welfare organisations for this critical time in the production process.

There will be an exclusive interview with Dr Piet Simons on major issues affecting the poultry sector.

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