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Appropriate management of cattle determines whether beef helps or hinders habitats. Manure from beef cows can have a nourishing value to the soil, but too much can increase nitrous oxide emissions.

Likewise, appropriate grazing management can help tackle invasive species and develop a varied sward, promoting biodiversity of plant life and fauna. Though soil erosion, poaching and desertification can damage habitats if stocking rates are too high.

Improving and Protecting Through Resource Management
TheCattleSite Beef Sustainability - Environment

Harnessing technology, science and husbandry to reduce quantities of land, feed and pharmaceuticals without losing production efficiency.

Minimizing Beef's Carbon Footprint
TheCattleSite Beef Sustainability - Environment

New farming methods are allowing more beef to be produced from animals in fewer days, thus lowering cattle emissions.

Water: Growing More with Less
TheCattleSite Beef Sustainability - Environment

By managing water responsibly and preventing pollution, cattle can continue to be sufficiently fed and watered.


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