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AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly

28 November 2014

EBLEX Cattle and Sheep Weekly 28 November 2014EBLEX Cattle and Sheep Weekly 28 November 2014

Stocktake report confirms controlling costs is vital

Latest EBLEX Stocktake results for the financial year 2013/14 again indicate that suckler cow enterprises struggled to be fully rewarded for the cost of producing a suckled calf to weaning. Read more details about how controlling costs is vital to profitability for beef enterprises on page 3. The report also shows that controlling costs is also the road to profitability for sheep producers.

Find more details on page 7. Global exports, prices and volumes rise In the January to September period of 2014, global export volumes of chilled and frozen beef have increased year on year.

The average export price over the nine month period has also increased - despite average values being back in January and February, as the year progressed global prices have strengthened. As such, the sustained increase in volumes traded, whilst prices are increasing, indicates that global demand continues to be robust. Read about these developments on page 5.

Increasing penetration of New Zealand chilled lamb on UK market

New Zealand is a major player on the UK chilled lamb market and it has increased its presence over the last decade. It is a high value market and the growth in chilled product has been at the expense of lowervalue frozen shipments. Read more about this development on page 10.

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