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26 September 2014

Irish CSO Reports Crops and Livestock Survey June Provisional EstimatesIrish CSO Reports Crops and Livestock Survey June Provisional Estimates


Crops and Livestock Survey June Provisional Estimates

Preliminary estimates for June 2014 show that total sheep numbers have decreased by 121,300 (-2.4%) to 4,989,200. This was due to reductions of 84,400 (-15.6%) in ewes under 2 years, 62,800 (-2.5%) in other sheep (non-breeding) and 7,100 (-8.8%) in rams. See Table 3. The area under cereals decreased by 3,800 hectares (-1.2%) to 304,000 ha. The area under spring cereals (wheat, oats and barley) decreased by 50,800 ha (-23.1%) including a drop of 12,900 ha (-60.7%) in spring oats. The area under winter cereals showed an increase of 47,300 ha (+54.5%) in the same period, with an increase of 4,700 ha (+87.9%) in winter oats. See Table 1.

Sheep numbers down 2.4% in June 2014

The June 2014 results also show that:

  • Cattle numbers were up by 23,500 (+0.3%) to 6,926,100. See Table 2.
  • The total number of cattle 2 years and over increased by 116,000 (+15.1%), while cattle under 1 year decreased by 90,100 (-4.6%). See Table 2.
  • The number of dairy cows was up by 63,200 (+5.4%), while other cows dropped by 21,200 (-1.8%). See Table 2.
  • The area under potatoes decreased by 10.8% to 9,600 ha. See Table 1.

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