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10 May 2013

Irish CSO - Crops and Livestock Survey June Final ResultsIrish CSO - Crops and Livestock Survey June Final Results


Sheep Numbers up 7.0% in June 2012

Percentage Change in Selected Items, June 2011/2012

Total Cereals Total Cattle Total Sheep

The final results for June 2012 show that the total sheep numbers increased by 340,100 (+7.0%) to 5,170,000. Other sheep (non-breeding) increased by 182,000 (+7.8%) and breeding sheep increased by 158,100 (+6.3%).

The results also indicate that the area under cereals increased by 17,900 hectares (+6.0%) to 315,400 ha. There was an increase in each of the main cereals, with the area under oats increasing by 2,300 ha (+10.7%), the area under barley increasing by 12,100 ha (+6.7%) and the area under wheat increasing by 3,900 ha (+4.1%).

A comparison with the June 2011 results indicates that:

  • Cattle numbers increased by 261,100 (+4.0%) to 6,754,100. This was mainly due to increases of 131,200 (+14.7%) in male cattle under 1 year and 96,800 (+14.4%) in male cattle 1 to 2 years.
  • Pig numbers increased by 21,600 (+1.4%) to 1,570,600. The number of non-breeding pigs increased by 2.3% while the number of breeding pigs decreased by 6.7% in the same period.
  • The area under potatoes decreased by 13.1% to 9,000 ha.

A regional analysis of the livestock numbers indicates that the largest number of cattle (1,357,600) was in the South-West region, the largest number of sheep (1,377,200) was in the West region and the largest number of pigs (429,500) was in the Border region.

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