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27 February 2012

Irish CSO Livestock Survey (December 2011)Irish CSO Livestock Survey (December 2011)

The total number of cattle increased by 7,600 (0.1%) to 5,925,300.

The total number of cattle increased by 7,600 (0.1%) to 5,925,300. Dairy cows increased by 28,400 (2.8%) and male and female cattle under one year increased by 116,000 (14.8%) and 57,400 (6.3%) respectively. There were reductions of 74,100 (-29.8%) in male cattle 2 years and over and 61,700 (-8.9%) in male cattle 1 to 2 years. [For Table 1, please download the document]

Total pig numbers increased by 3.5% to 1,552,900. Other pigs showed an increase of 55,700 (4.1%), while breeding pigs decreased by 3,200 (-2.1%). [For Table 3, please download the document]

The results of the December 2011 livestock survey show that the total number of sheep was 3,321,300, an increase of 199,300 (6.4%) on December 2010. This was due to combined increases of 94,300 (13.4%) in other sheep, 61,500 (13.4%) in ewes under 2 years, 38,900 (2.1%) in ewes 2 years and over and 4,700 (6.8%) in rams. [For Table 2, please download the document]

Corresponding cattle, sheep and pig figures for each EU country in December 2010 – the latest date available - are given at the back of this release. In December 2010, the total number of cattle in the EU was 86.8 million and the total number of pigs in the EU was 150.8 million.


February 2012

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