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12 July 2013
View news from Ukraine Government Acknowledges Young-stock Payment Failure
UKRAINE – Cattle farmers have not received young stock grants due to bureaucratic errors, the government has revealed....
03 July 2013
View news from Ukraine Ukrainian Meat Production Up During First Five Months of 2013
UKRAINE - During January to May 2013, Ukraine produced over 1.3 million tons of meat, which is 8.5 per cent higher compared to the same period last year....
07 June 2013
View news from Ukraine Producer Groups to Increase Further
UKRAINE – Village councils are becoming involved in a Ministry initiative that is set to alter the way goods are sold....
16 May 2013
View news from Ukraine Farmers Must Invest and Register Cattle
UKRAINE – Farmers wondering whether to tag and register cattle have been told by State Veterinary Services that the cost is less than $33 a head. ...
03 May 2013
View news from Ukraine Subsidies Have Desired Effect on Herd Size
UKRAINE - More proof that subsidies are being successful at building cattle numbers has been released by the Ministry of Agriculture....
04 April 2013
View news from Ukraine Financing Schemes see Excellent Uptake
UKRAINE – Huge government funding schemes are continuing to develop agriculture in both loan and grant form....
06 March 2013
View news from Ukraine Meat Consumption Rising Following State Livestock Support
UKRAINE – Government schemes supporting the livestock sectors are believed to be affecting the consumer market place....
25 February 2013
View news from Ukraine Mandatory Registration Bill Gets Approval
UKRAINE – Documentation stipulating all food production livestock has to be identified and registered as part of a national mandatory scheme has been ratified by the government....
20 February 2013
View news from Ukraine Ukraine Meat Exports Hit $316 million
UKRAINE - Last year, Ukraine exported meat and meat products worth $316 million....
14 February 2013
View news from Ukraine Ukraine Focuses on Export Markets
UKRAINE - Soon the focus of the Government will focus on the development of the livestock industry, which will provide domestic needs meat and implement export potential....
14 January 2013
View news from Ukraine Ukraine Increases Agricultural Export
UKRAINE - In 2012, Ukrainian agricultural export increased by nearly 40 per cent, reaching USD 17 billion, according to the Ukrainian Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Mykola Prysyazhnyuk. ...
20 December 2012
View news from Ukraine Government Programmes Lead to Output Increase
UKRAINE - Rising livestock numbers have led to a milk, egg and meat production rise. ...
26 November 2012
View news from Ukraine Farmers Receive Support for Maintenance of Young-stock Herd
UKRAINE - The continuing subsidy payments in a livestock programme aimed at preserving the young cattle population in the country has amounted to over 250,000 grivna. This, the government says, is vital for safeguarding livestock farming and they have...
21 November 2012
View news from Ukraine Liveweight Livestock and Poulty Sales Increase by 2.2 Per cent
UKRAINE- The first ten months of 2012 have seen cattle numbers increase by almost 53,000. In turn, sales of livestock and poultry in live weight increased by 2.2 per cent, said Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, Mykola Prysiazhniuk....
22 October 2012
View news from Ukraine Biomin Ukraine at AGRO 2012
UKRAINE - From 5 to 8 September, Biomin Ukraine participated in the 24th International agriculture exhibition ‘Agro 2012’ in Kiev. ...
13 September 2012
View news from Ukraine Ukraine Herd Numbers Stabilise
UKRAINE - Production of beef is expected to stabilize in 2012 with a continued stable production outlook for 2013. Cattle numbers would remain stable for the first time in last 20 years, according to the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service. ...
03 September 2012
View news from Ukraine Ukraine Highlights Growth Potential
UKRAINE - Ukraine is improving growth prospects, by increasing animal production for both domestic and export markets....
02 August 2012
View news from Ukraine Danish Pavilion at Animal Farming Ukraine 2012
UKRAINE - It is with great pleasure that the Danish Agriculture and Food Council in cooperation with the Trade Council and the Royal Danish Embassy in Kiev, have created the Danish national pavilion at Animal Farming 2012 in Kiev, Ukraine....
14 June 2012
View news from Ukraine BIOMIN Ukraine Celebrates 5th Anniversary
UKRAINE - June 1 2012 marked not only the beginning of summer but was also the day BIOMIN Ukraine celebrated its 5th anniversary....
22 May 2012
View news from Ukraine OIE: Anthrax Outbreak Reported in Ukraine
UKRAINE - An outbreak of anthrax has been reported to the OIE by Dr Ivan Bisiuk, Head, State Committee for Veterinary Medicine, Ukraine....
20 April 2012
View news from Ukraine Cattle Numbers Down While Poultry Numbers Grow
UKRAINE - The number of cattle in Ukraine as of 1 April 2012 was 4.99 million animals, which was 0.3 per cent down year-on-year, according to the State Statistics Service, while poultry numbers were up by 0.4 per cent, to 191.1 million birds. ...
24 February 2012
View news from Ukraine Ukraine Meat and Dairy Production to Increase
UKRAINE - Ukraine is expected to produce 2.26 million tonnes of meat this year Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Mykola Prysiazhniuk told a briefing at the Cabinet. ...
24 June 2011
View news from Ukraine Ukraine's Meat Production Forecast To Grow In 2011
UKRAINE - A reduction in the profitability of the production of all types of meat, which is expected this year due to a significant rise in the price of feed, will trigger a slowdown in the pace of production growth and a further redistribution of the...
31 December 2010
View news from Ukraine Cargill Builds Feed Mill In Ukraine
UKRAINE – Cargill has announced plans to invest US$7 million in Ukraine to construct a new animal feed mill. ...
20 April 2010
View news from Ukraine Ukrainian Census Reveals Fewer Cattle
UKRAINE - A census on 1 April has revealed more pigs and poultry but fewer cattle than a year previously. ...
17 July 2009
View news from Ukraine Meat Export to EU May Run into $30 Million Annually
UKRAINE - The export of meat from Ukraine to the countries of the European Union may run into USD 30 million a year on condition Ukraine get the permit to the supply of this product. Experts of the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business association expressed...
14 April 2009
View news from Ukraine Ukraine Cancels 13 Per Cent Import Duty
UKRAINE - Ukraine has cancelled the controversial 13 per cent import duty increase, according to the latest GAIN report from USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. ...
06 March 2009
View news from Ukraine Recession Beckons Meat Crisis in Ukraine
UKRAINE - Developments of the world economic and financial crisis resulted in a severe decrease in consumer income in Ukraine. ...
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