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26 September 2022
View news from Switzerland Swiss reject initiative to ban factory farming
Provisionally, 62.86% voted against the proposal...
23 September 2022
View news from Switzerland Swiss to vote on banning intensive livestock farming on Sunday
The country already has very high animal welfare standards...
18 July 2022
View news from Switzerland Swiss canton okays shooting of two cow-attacking wolves
A grown cow was mauled so badly it had to be euthanised...
28 December 2020
View news from Switzerland IBR case identified in eastern Switzerland
Swiss authorities have identified a cow with the infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), a respiratory disease, in the eastern canton of Grisons on 23 December....
18 August 2020
View news from Switzerland How does an increase in nitrogen application affect grasslands?
The "PaNDiv" experiment, established by researchers of the University of Bern on a 3000 m2 field site, is the largest biodiversity-ecosystem functioning experiment in Switzerland and aims to better understand how increases in nitrogen affect grasslands....
18 November 2019
View news from Switzerland How Diagnostics Kept the Swiss Mad Cow Disease Program a Step Ahead During a Crisis
When the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) crisis hit, Switzerland was a step ahead of many countries in Europe. The Swiss National Reference Laboratory had already implemented measures that would pay off in two ways: by controlling the disease in...
06 September 2019
View news from Switzerland Resistance Can Spread Even Without Use of Antibiotics
SWITZERLAND - Bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to common antibiotics. Often, resistance is mediated by resistance genes, which can simply jump from one bacterial population to the next....
18 June 2019
View news from Switzerland Rinsing System in Stomach Protects Teeth of Ruminants
SWITZERLAND - "Field-grazing animals always eat some earth and dust along with the plants," says Jean-Michel Hatt, professor at the Clinic for Zoo Animals, Exotic Pets and Wildlife. ...
26 July 2017
View news from Switzerland Isotopes in Neolithic Cattle Teeth Suggest Herding Strategies
SWITZERLAND - Analysis of strontium isotopes in teeth from Neolithic cattle suggest that early Europeans used different specialised herding strategies....
28 July 2016
View news from Switzerland New Tests Could Protect Cowpat-Eating Animals
SWITZERLAND - Livestock medications can impair beneficial organisms that break down dung, but a new study could show a way to conduct better testing to prevent such harm....
21 September 2015
View news from Switzerland New Company Setting Good Example in Food Waste Battle
SWITZERLAND - A new start-up company in Switzerland is leading the way on helping to reduce our food waste, writes Lucy Towers....
02 April 2015
View news from Switzerland Swiss Must Knock Down Trade Barriers, Says Report
SWITZERLAND – Half of Swiss farm receipts come from farm support measures and major trade barrier reductions should be rolled out to address this....
02 September 2014
View news from Switzerland Swiss Chefs Endorse Irish Beef and Lamb
SWITZERLAND - Irish Food marketing body, Bord Bia recently hosted a two-day promotional event in Flims, a town located in the Swiss Alps focused on the promoting Irish beef and lamb to a number of high-end chefs and local Swiss media....
27 December 2013
View news from Switzerland Variation in Land-use Intensity Leads to Higher Biodiversity
SWITZERLAND - If grassland is managed intensively, biodiversity typically declines. A new study led by Bernese plant ecologists shows that it is rare species that suffer the most....
30 May 2013
View news from Switzerland Call for Sustainable Solutions to Feed the World
SWITZERLAND - FEI President HRH Princess Haya and Goodwill Ambassador to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has called for sustainable solutions to feed the world's growing population....
22 November 2012
View news from Switzerland DSM Launches State-of-the-art Animal Nutrition, Health Website
SWITZERLAND - DSM is showcasing the full breadth and versatility of its Animal Nutrition & Health offering with a brand new website....
13 November 2012
View news from Switzerland DuPont Pioneer Forage Inoculant Patent Upheld
SWITZERLAND - DuPont Pioneer recently prevailed in a major European patent challenge to its bacterial strain used in the Pioneer® brand inoculants portfolio. The decision in favor of Pioneer by the European Patent Office (EPO) means that the key bacterial...
16 August 2012
View news from Switzerland Schmallenberg Hits Switzerland
SWITZERLAND - 33 cases of Schmallenberg have been identified in Switzerland, all in cattle....
14 January 2011
View news from Switzerland BSE Pathogens Can Be Transmitted By Air
SWITZERLAND - Researchers at the University of Zurich, have concluded that airborne prions are also infectious and can induce mad cow disease or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disorder. ...
06 December 2010
View news from Switzerland USGC Team Promotes Sorghum, DDGS at Conference
SWITZERLAND - The US Grains Council built on its long-standing presence at the Global Grains Conference to promote US sorghum and distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) to almost 900 grain traders and feed manufacturers. ...
26 March 2010
View news from Switzerland IBV Confirmed In Switzerland
SWITZERLAND - Two outbreaks of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBV) were confirmed earlier this week by the Swiss Federal Veterinary Office. ...
19 February 2010
View news from Switzerland Vaccinating Against Bluetongue
SWITZERLAND - Thirteen per cent of farmers have opted out of vaccinating their livestock against bluetongue. ...
23 November 2009
View news from Switzerland WTO Establishes Panel to Consider COOL Dispute
SWITZERLAND - At its meeting on 19 November 2009, the World Trade Organization's (WTO) Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) established a single panel to examine complaints by Canada (DS384) and Mexico (DS386) on the US country of origin labelling (COOL)....
21 August 2009
View news from Switzerland More Poultry, Cattle in Switzerland
SWITZERLAND - A recent census reports that numbers of both cattle and poultry are increasing. ...
29 October 2007
View news from Switzerland Bluetongue Reaches Switzerland
SWITZERLAND - The Swiss veterinary authorities have registered the first case of bluetongue disease in the country, after cows were infected near Basel....
05 February 2007
View news from Switzerland Farm Animal Brands Key to Novartis Animal Health Growth
BASEL - Novartis Animal Health has been among the fastest growing companies in the animal health industry over the past three years, fueled not only by its strong stable of veterinary products for pets, but also by its continued emphasis and commitment...
22 August 2006
View news from Switzerland Mad cow research to continue
SWITZERLAND - One of the world's leading experts on mad cow disease tells swissinfo why the Swiss government will continue research into the disease despite its near disappearance. Adriano Aguzzi, director of the Institute of Neuropathology at Zurich...
17 August 2006
View news from Switzerland Mad cow disease no longer a priority for Swiss
SWITZERLAND - The Federal Veterinary Office says it will reduce its BSE unit from 20 people to 12 by the end of 2006 and shift its focus to the entire food production chain. So far this year two cases of BSE have been reported; in 2005 the Swiss authorities...
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