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14 December 2018
View news from Sweden Study: Organic Food Worse for Climate
SWEDEN - Organically farmed food has a bigger climate impact than conventionally farmed food, due to the greater areas of land required. ...
28 May 2018
View news from Sweden US Beef Promoted to Northern European Importers
SWEDEN - USMEF met with both existing and potential customers of US beef from Sweden, Finland and Denmark at GastroNord, the largest food and beverage industry trade show in northern Europe. The promotion of US beef at the Stockholm event was funded by...
16 October 2017
View news from Sweden Promotions Highlight Alternative US Beef Cuts for Swedish Consumers
SWEDEN - Partnering with a major importer/distributor, USMEF conducted a series of retail promotions in Sweden to establish greater demand for alternative cuts of US beef. The campaign, coordinated with Stockholm-based Gourmet Food, was funded by the...
26 August 2015
View news from Sweden Leaders Gather in Stockholm for World Water Week
SWEDEN - World leaders, water experts and development professionals have gathered in Stockholm to discuss and jointly find solutions to the world’s several escalating water crises....
03 September 2014
View news from Sweden Swedish Beef Price Surges in August
SWEDEN – Swedish beef prices have rocketed in recent weeks while the European average slipped....
07 January 2014
View news from Sweden Local Farm Shops Big Hit With Swedish Farmers
SWEDEN – Swedish cattle farmers are hailing efforts to promote local produce as a success, citing farm shops as a great retail option....
05 December 2013
View news from Sweden HKScan Acquires Associate Company Höglandsprodukter AB
SWEDEN - After many years of collaboration and co-ownership, HKScan has acquired Höglandsprodukter AB based in Halmstad, Sweden. ...
18 September 2013
View news from Sweden Farm Biosecurity Threat Varies According to Animal Type and Herd Size
SWEDEN - Disease spreading from farm to farm depends on variables such as cloven hoofed animal species and herd size....
01 February 2013
View news from Sweden Vets Praise Smooth Introduction of New Surveillance Plan
SWEDEN – As a reaction to increasing contamination and disease threats through increasing globalisation, the European Union has started a three year ‘Risksur’ project aimed at stepping up disease control protocol. ...
29 November 2012
View news from Sweden Cattle Receive Half of Farm Subsidies
SWEDEN - Data from the Agricultural Department shows that half of the government's farm subsidies goes into dairy and beef farms, according to Swedish Milk....
19 November 2012
View news from Sweden Skills Programme Needed to Safeguard Beef Sector
SWEDEN - Industry regulators have agreed on a common and long-term development platform for beef sector growth. Called 'Growth Beef' the intentions are to ensure the availability of Swedish beef in the future through national programmes....
12 November 2012
View news from Sweden Green Report Offers Insight into Competitiveness
SWEDEN - A new report entitled "Green" is offering the agricultural community a comprehensive picture of its performance. Drawing comparisons with other nations,"Green" claims that Swedish farming is in a good state of health....
19 October 2012
View news from Sweden Warning as Dyed Pork Sold as Beef in Sweden
SWEDEN - Sweden's National Food Agency (NFA) has issued a warning to consumers after shipments of pork that have been dyed and labelled as beef have entered the market. ...
17 January 2012
View news from Sweden Processed Meat May Increase Pancreatic Cancer Risk
SWEDEN - Eating too much processed meat may increase the risk of pancreatic cancer, according to new research published in the British Journal of Cancer. ...
04 January 2012
View news from Sweden Genetic Knowledge Can Provide Tastier Beef
SWEDEN - For the past three years, a team of researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) have been developing genetic knowledge that can affect the tenderness, juiciness and flavour of meat from purebred bullocks. ...
27 July 2011
View news from Sweden 19 Cattle Die Of Anthrax
SWEDEN - A case of Anthrax has been found at a farm near Hammar in Sweden. ...
26 January 2011
View news from Sweden Climate Tax on Meat and Milk to Cut GHG
SWEDEN - A climate tax corresponding to €60/ton CO2eq on meat and milk could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from European agriculture by around seven per cent. If the land made available is used for bioenergy production, the decrease in emissions can...
27 October 2010
View news from Sweden Sweden Carries Out Simulation Exercise
SWEDEN - Dr Leif Denneberg, Chief Veterinary Officer, Swedish Board of Agriculture, has informed the World Animal Health Organisation (OIE) that a simulation exercise on foot and mouth disease (FMD) will be carried out in Sweden from 22 to 29 October...
19 August 2010
View news from Sweden Prime Minister Visits Slaughterhouse
SWEDEN - Earlier this week, prominent visitors descended on the slaughterhouse Ugglarps Slakteri, which is owned by Danish Crown’s Swedish subsidiary, KLS Ugglarps....
25 September 2008
View news from Sweden Outbreak Spreads South in Sweden
SWEDEN - Sweden’s outbreak of blue tongue disease continues to spread as animals in the Småland region of south central Sweden and neighbouring Skåne county to the south have now been diagnosed with the condition. ...
16 September 2008
View news from Sweden Bluetongue Disease Continues Spread in Sweden
SWEDEN - Authorities in western Sweden on Monday morning discovered the latest in a series of cases of animals infected with blue tongue disease at a farm in Halland....
12 September 2008
View news from Sweden Sweden Keeps Restrictions Unchanged After Second Bluetongue Case
STOCKHOLM - New finds of a livestock disease known as bluetongue do not give reason to extend current restrictions in south- western Sweden, Swedish authorities said Thursday. ...
08 September 2008
View news from Sweden Sweden to Take Measures to Prevent Disease
SWEDEN - The Swedish National Board of Agriculture decided Monday to inject bacterins for a half million livestock after the first bluetongue case. ...
05 December 2007
View news from Sweden Glowing Molecule Detects Prion Diseases
SWEDEN - An international team of researchers has developed a method of identifying prion and other defective-protein diseases using a fluorescent molecule that changes colour according to the disease present....

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