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20 June 2022
View news from France Heatwave damage to France's cereal crops minimal - ag minister
Parched grassland could pose a problem for livestock farmers...
07 June 2022
View news from France French and Italian farmers count cost of storms and drought
France sees crop damage in nearly 65 departments...
25 May 2022
View news from France Research: Fatty acid and oxidation in beef affected by ageing, cooking methods
A low-fat meat and a short cooking time are the best combination to guarantee the nutritional quality....
16 May 2022
View news from France Rainstorms bring some relief to French farmers
More precipitation still needed...
06 May 2022
View news from France Continued dry weather in France will irreversibly damage crops - expert
High temperatures, no rain in the forecast for the next 10 days...
17 March 2022
View news from France France to offer livestock farmers 400 mln euro in aid
Farmers who faced losses linked to rising feed costs will receive the aid...
28 February 2022
View news from France Ukraine-Russia conflict deals new blow to French farmers
Livestock farmers expect rising energy prices to continue to cut margins...
23 February 2022
View news from France France bans meat imports from animals treated with growth antibiotics
The move will mostly impact the poultry sector...
09 February 2022
View news from France France halts moves to clear trade deal with Mexico
The deal would allow 20,000 tonnes of beef imports ...
10 December 2021
View news from France French farms grow in size - census
Average size rose from 55 to 69 hectares ...
01 December 2021
View news from France Looking to improve antimicrobial resistance monitoring in animals?
Antimicrobial resistance monitoring is essential to guide the proper use of antibiotics, and thus reduce the resistance of microorganisms. ...
13 November 2021
View news from France France confirms case of bovine brucellosis
The case was confirmed on a farm in Haute-Savoie...
13 September 2021
View news from France Macron says France will set up new insurance system for farming sector
French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday the government would set up a new insurance system to help the country's farming sector deal with hits caused by extreme weather, such as floods or droughts....
06 September 2021
View news from France Global soybean shortage could mean a surge in non-GM food prices
French feed makers are warning that shortages of suitable soybeans could raise prices for meat, eggs and milk labelled GM-free by up to 10%....
30 August 2021
View news from France The French R&D framework for beef production
Highly ranked for its integration and strength, France has one of the best frameworks for beef research and development in Europe. Well-functioning systems connect people and knowledge, and help farmers tackle top-of-mind challenges, both current and...
28 July 2021
View news from France '21 Survey: For almost all French people, eating everything is an ideal diet
INTERBEV commissioned IPSOS to conduct a new study to question the French on their eating habits....
22 June 2021
View news from France OECD says that food supply success during COVID-19 belies wasteful farm policies
Emergency measures by governments helped keep food supply functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic, but agricultural policies continue to pour out subsidies inefficiently without encouraging sustainable production, according to new analysis from OECD....
08 March 2021
View news from France French farmers highlight low earnings and high suicide rate in protests
French farmers hung dozens of inflatable dummies clad in overalls from nooses in trees in Paris on 4 March in a protest against a squeeze on earnings they say is suffocating the agricultural industry....
26 February 2021
View news from France French government faces opposition over meat-free school canteens
The mayor of Lyon faces sharp criticism after deciding that only vegetarian meals would be temporarily served in schools due to meat supply problems....
27 October 2020
View news from France French start-up Ynsect set to build world’s largest insect farm
As growing global demand for food puts pressure on available land, French start-up company Ynsect believes that indoor insect farming could solve the problem....
18 June 2020
View news from France France calls for European food sovereignty
France wants to organise a conference with other European nations this autumn, focussing on how to reinforce “food sovereignty” amid the COVID-19 crisis....
19 December 2018
View news from France Merck to acquire privately held Antelliq Group
The move establishes Merck Animal Health as a leader in emerging digital tracking, traceability and monitoring technology ...
31 October 2018
View news from France UK Meat, Dairy Showcased at SIAL Paris
PARIS - Quality cuts of beef, lamb and pork as well as a selection of dairy products from the UK were showcased in Paris last week at one of the largest and leading food fairs in the world....
18 September 2018
View news from France Thermo Fisher Scientific launches qPCR-based kit for quick detection of mastitis pathogens in dairy herds
VetMAX MastiType Multi qPCR Kit identifies 15 most significant mastitis-causing pathogens in three hours....
26 February 2018
View news from France 55th Paris International Agri Show Opens Amid Mercosur Fears
FRANCE - The 55th Paris International Agricultural Show opened in Paris Saturday amidst French farmers expressing fears that free trade negotiations between the European Union (EU) and a South American bloc would affect them adversely....
25 May 2017
View news from France Pakistan Values Partnership with OIE for Livestock Development, Says Minister
FRANCE - Pakistan greatly values its partnership with the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) for its livestock development, disease control and overall poverty alleviation....
05 April 2017
View news from France Cherkizovo Lab Continues Employee Training Programme in Lyon
FRANCE - Cherkizovo Lab ran an employee training session in Lyon, France....
17 January 2017
View news from France French Govt Orders CCTV Installation in All Slaughterhouses
FRANCE - Following issues with animal welfare in French slaughterhouses, the French government has passed a bill ordering for CCTV cameras to be installed in all slaughterhouses in the country from 2018....
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