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01 March 2021
View news from Russian Federation EuroTier 2021: Strong future ahead for Russian dairy industry
FOREIGN investors looking for good returns on their capital should look closely at the Russian dairy industry as the future holds very strong growth potential there, writes Chris McCullough with live coverage from EuroTier 2021....
03 February 2021
View news from United States Bull run in US grain futures markets is in high gear, but for how long?
US grain futures markets the past few months have rallied strongly, setting multi-year highs. As of this writing, nearby corn futures have notched a 7.5-year high of $5.55 3/4 a bushel, nearby soybean futures a 6.5-year high of $14.38 1/4 a bushel and...
01 January 2021
View news from Global Jim Wyckoff's weekly global protein digest
Jim Wyckoff shares his weekly outlook for the global protein market, including news about US Milk prices, bird flu in South Korea, protein supply in China and Brexit highlights. ...
02 November 2020
View news from Global Covid-19's impact on the global protein markets
While 2020 has been a year of volatility and uncertainty, in its most recent report, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) offered a more positive outlook for 2021, projected 5 per cent global economic growth. ...
15 September 2020
View news from Global Animal AgTech Innovation Summit: Collaboration to Create Innovative Welfare Technologies with McDonald’s
Banks Baker, Manager of Animal Welfare and Agriculture with McDonald’s Supply Chain and Sustainability team, spoke Monday as part of a fireside chat about collaboration across the broiler supply chain regarding innovative animal welfare technologies...
06 August 2020
View news from Global Beef Production: Insights on Carbon, Methane and Feeding the Future
Today’s climate change conversation often references gains in carbon emissions without discussing the source and function of the emission, writes Javier Martín-Tereso, Manager Ruminant Research Centre at Trouw Nutrition, a Nutreco company....
27 July 2020
View news from Global Feeding the Future with Beef Cattle – a Sustainable Approach to Responsible Food Production
What does the science say? What is the data telling us? These questions driving conversations around human health and the novel coronavirus are also informing how stakeholders in the feed-to-food chain think about livestock production and sustainability,...
24 June 2020
View news from Global Cattle GHG emissions: are we all counting the same way?
When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, are all countries counting them the same way? ...
22 June 2020
View news from United States Where is animal microbiome research headed?
Mike Kogut, research microbiologist with USDA, talked to researchers about the future of the animal microbiome recently at the Animal Microbiome and Nutritional Health Congress in Chicago....
02 June 2020
View news from United States US supply chain disruptions continue
When workers essential to the food supply become ill, how does this affect the food supply chain within the meat industry?...
01 June 2020
View news from Global Beef – during and beyond COVID-19
As parts of the world cautiously ease out of lockdown and reassess COVID-19’s impact on the beef sector, Rabobank’s latest global Beef Quarterly has revised down its global beef production outlook, and forecasts slowing beef demand in a declining...
31 March 2020
View news from United States New US poll sheds light on farmers’ COVID-19 concerns
Nearly 90 percent of farmers surveyed indicate they are at least somewhat worried about the impact COVID-19 will have on their business. More than 50 percent are very or extremely worried about the potential impact, according to a US farmer survey conducted...
20 March 2020
View news from Global Changing trends and farmer perceptions for feed additives
Devan Paulus Compart, ruminant feed additive researcher at Land O'Lakes, shared trends in the feed additive industry and described how to best use research to change farmer perceptions of the industry at the Livestock Microbiome & Nutritional Health Congress...
16 March 2020
View news from United Kingdom Partnering during bluetongue outbreak to offer diagnostic solutions
The Pirbright Institute is home to the OIE World Organisation for Animal Health Reference Laboratory for bluetongue virus (BTV). The team at Pirbright is responsible for receiving samples for diagnosis from the UK and around the world and responding to...
05 February 2020
View news from South Africa How Bovine Tuberculosis Diagnostics Contribute to Wildlife Conservation
The Hluhluwe-Imfolozi park in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, is home to over 96 species of mammals, including giraffes, rhinoceros, elephants, lions and African buffalo. Bovine tuberculosis (bTB), a major infectious disease that affects the lungs and lymph...
17 January 2020
View news from United Kingdom Are we measuring ruminant methane emissions correctly?
Researchers at Oxford University have developed GWP*, a new climate metric that accurately measures the impact of methane emissions on global warming – recontextualising the debate surrounding ruminant methane emissions and climate change. ...
16 January 2020
View news from United Kingdom Can the UK farming sector achieve net zero carbon emissions?
Achieving net zero carbon emissions on-farm was one of the hot topics debated at the Oxford Real Farming Conference on 8 January. Panellists from the House of Commons, Chatham House, NFU, Green Alliance UK and the Nature Friendly Farming Network debated...
26 November 2019
View news from Global New course to combat antimicrobial resistance
A new online course on antimicrobial stewardship in the food chain, including the aquaculture sector, was launched by FAI Farms....
18 November 2019
View news from Switzerland How Diagnostics Kept the Swiss Mad Cow Disease Program a Step Ahead During a Crisis
When the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) crisis hit, Switzerland was a step ahead of many countries in Europe. The Swiss National Reference Laboratory had already implemented measures that would pay off in two ways: by controlling the disease in...
15 November 2019
View news from Global Rabobank Protein Outlook 2020: Seeking Opportunities in an Uncertain World
RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness published its annual global animal protein outlook. In general, African swine fever (ASF) overwhelms the outlook for 2020 – as it has done during 2019 – and will pull down overall growth, as well as bring uncertainty...
14 November 2019
View news from United States Why Sustainability?
When the topic of sustainability comes up in conversation in cattle circles, it’s common to see heads shaking. It’s not a topic we like to discuss in our industry – primarily because it’s so often raised with bad intentions and worse information....
09 October 2019
View news from Global How is Blockchain Being Used in the Ag Digital Supply Chain?
Heard of blockchain, but not really sure what it is? Raja Ramachandran, CEO of, explained to attendees at the Swine Innovation Summit in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, about how blockchain is being used in the ag digital supply chain....
26 September 2019
View news from Global US and Japan Agree to Trade Deal
ANALYSIS - US farmers and ranchers can sleep a little better tonight. The US-Japan Trade Agreement was signed on Wednesday by US President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in New York. ...
21 September 2019
View news from United States FoodBytes! Chicago 2019 Winners Showcase Upcycling Dairy Waste, Sustainable Salmon & Cactus-Based Foods
Sustainable food and agriculture entrepreneurs showcased solutions to improve the way we grow food and feed the world at FoodBytes! Chicago, a live pitch competition and business mentorship platform presented by Rabobank, the world’s largest food and...
25 June 2019
View news from Ireland Ireland’s Bovine TB Eradication Programme Advanced by Diagnostics
In the 1950s, Ireland set out to eradicate bovine tuberculosis (bTB). Today, they have a very successful bTB eradication programme in place that dramatically reduced production losses, maintained their export status and has helped their beef and dairy...
18 February 2019
View news from Global Export skepticism not warranted as global market is key for US protein in 2019
GLOBAL — Per capita animal protein consumption in the US will climb to an all-time high in 2019, surpassing the previous record set in 2006, prior to the 2008 financial crisis and the run-up in feed costs....
06 February 2019
View news from United States NCBA CattleFax Outlook: Markets Expected to Continue Strong; US shifts away from El Niño
US - During the first half of 2019, the United States will see a shift away from El Niño conditions as equatorial ocean currents begin to cool into the summer, Art Douglas, Ph. D., professor emeritus at Creighton University, told the audience during...
19 December 2018
View news from Global Bedding material can impact mastitis risk
Dr Sandra Godden, professor at the University of Minnesota and speaker at the international meeting for the National Mastitis Council in Milan, Italy, spoke about the importance of reducing bacteria counts in bedding and therefore reducing the risk for...
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