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15 March 2021
Canada's BSE risk status will potentially be lowered
Canada's application for negligible risk status for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) passes a key milestone. ...
12 March 2021
10 things to keep in mind about lungworm before turnout
Preventing lungworm outbreaks this grazing season must be made a priority ahead of turnout, says MSD Animal Health veterinary adviser Dr Kat Baxter-Smith....
11 March 2021
UK's Ruminant Health & Welfare group identifies priority areas for 2021-2023
Ruminant Health & Welfare has announced four key areas it will be working on over the next two years to help improve cattle and sheep production in the UK....
09 March 2021
New study shows that metabolic testing could improve fertility in beef herds
Researchers at Scotland's Rural College (SRUC) have found that metabolic profile testing could improve calving performance in beef cattle....
26 February 2021
UK farmers should test before treating calves with wormer this spring
Experts from the Control of Worms Sustainably (COWS) group are urging dairy and suckler beef producers with autumn-born calves, to think carefully about their worm control programme this spring....
22 February 2021
Test clamp to improve pre-calving diet
Testing silage ahead of spring calving is crucial for cow health and performance....
18 February 2021
Rapid TB test wins top UK innovation award
Actiphage, a rapid, accurate test for tuberculosis that detects the presence of the live mycobacteria in a sample of blood or milk, has been awarded the Innovation Award 2021 by the British Veterinary Association (BVA)....
17 February 2021
US tracking transboundary and emerging diseases
Transboundary and emerging diseases are constant threats to the livestock industry. Even as biosafety measures have evolved, there is always the lingering threat of highly contagious or newly discovered diseases impacting animal health....
25 January 2021
With increase in rainfall, pay attention to cases of bovine leptospirosis
The intensification of rains in this period is conducive to the proliferation of different disease-causing microorganisms, such as leptospirosis, which affects several species of animals, including cattle....
15 January 2021
New report stresses the need for a UK farm animal health and welfare body
A new report published as part of the Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust and AHDB highlights the need for a veterinary-led farm animal health and welfare body for the UK. ...
14 January 2021
Boehringer welcomes new leadership
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, a leading provider of medicine for pets, horses and livestock, announces leadership transition and welcomes Randolph Legg as its US President....
01 January 2021
UK begins field trials for bovine TB vaccine
The UK's Animal and Plant Health Agency has appointed Eville and Jones to oversee field trials for bovine TB vaccine. ...
28 December 2020
New Zealand M. bovis eradication on target, but still work to do
On 21 July 2017, diagnostic samples taken from a South Canterbury, New Zealand dairy herd tested positive for Mycoplasma bovis (M. bovis). This bacterium had never previously been found in New Zealand. Since then, significant progress has been made in...
09 December 2020
Researchers have identified what makes foot-and-mouth disease so infectious
Scientists have conducted a "molecular dissection" of a part of the virus that causes foot-and-mouth disease, to try and understand why the pathogen is so infectious....
09 November 2020
IFA criticises Ireland's bovine TB strategy
The Irish Farmers Association says that increasing pre-movement tests will not solve Ireland's TB problem. ...
31 October 2020
Farm antibiotic sales continue to fall across Europe and United Kingdom
Sales of antibiotics for use in farm animals are trending downwards in the UK and multiple EU countries. ...
22 October 2020
Free app shown to trim feed costs and boost profits
UK beef farmers could boost profits by £100 a head and collectively save £650m a year in feed costs by finishing more animals in-spec – and a free app can help them do it....
01 October 2020
UK cattle show increased gutworm infection but low liver fluke exposure
New parasite tracker from Boehringer highlights high gutworm but low liver fluke exposure in cattle this grazing season. ...
14 September 2020
Stand out from the herd: how cows commooonicate through their lives
PhD student Alexandra Green has published her research that shows dairy cows respond to positive and negative emotional prompts with individual 'voice'. She says the results have implications for farmers and animal welfare. ...
06 September 2020
Detect coccidiosis before it causes scour in autumn calves
Detecting and treating coccidiosis in beef calves before it causes scour can avoid damage to the gut and prevent ongoing impacts to performance, including reduced weaning weights....
04 September 2020
UK government gives more funding for bovine TB research
The new projects will develop tools to enable faster detection and diagnosis of bovine TB. ...
19 August 2020
Moredun and Orkney Livestock Association announce an important partnership
Orkney Livestock Association (OLA) have signed up to partner Moredun to give their members access to research outputs, knowledge, skills and expertise generated at Moredun, which are targeted to improve animal health and welfare and increase the sustainable...
18 August 2020
How does an increase in nitrogen application affect grasslands?
The "PaNDiv" experiment, established by researchers of the University of Bern on a 3000 m2 field site, is the largest biodiversity-ecosystem functioning experiment in Switzerland and aims to better understand how increases in nitrogen affect grasslands....
15 August 2020
University of Edinburgh hopes to develop trypanosomiasis test
Researchers at the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute are developing new methods to tackle trypanosomiasis, a parasitic infection that kills millions of cattle each year....
08 August 2020
APHIS needs information on sources for disease test kits
The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has released a sources sought notice in hopes of gathering information on the supplies of test kits for major livestock diseases. ...
29 July 2020
UK vets turn to behavioural science to curb bovine TB
A new report issued by the British Veterinary Association sets out a new approach to tackle bovine TB. ...
15 July 2020
New e-learning course: epidemiology for non-epidemiologists
The news is being flooded with perhaps unfamiliar epidemiological terms and concepts in coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic....
08 July 2020
SmartAgriHubs begins open call for digital agriculture innovation
The Restart and Expand projects from SmartAgriHubs promises to bring over 150 partners in the European agri-food sector together to foster innovation, sustainability and success....
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