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23 July 2014
Morrisons Launches Beef Shorthorn Suckler Herd Award
UK - The search is on for the UK’s top suckler herd, an annual award organised by Beef Shorthorn Society and supported by Morrison with £1,500 at stake....
16 July 2014
How Do We Mitigate Climate Change in Cattle?
GLOBAL - Reducing beef’s environmental impact could hinge on the cattle industry rearing stock in less 'land-demanding' systems, a new study says....
27 June 2014
Farmers Urged to Attend Beef Technology Day in Yorkshire
UK - Beef producers will have the opportunity to hear firsthand about the benefits of adopting new technologies on farm at an RASE organised event on 1st July 2014 at Askham Bryan College, Yorkshire....
18 June 2014
Too Much Beef And Not Enough
GLOBAL - A rift has opened up between prime cattle prices each side of the Atlantic....
29 May 2014
Cattle Futures: Cattle Closed Up Wednesday
US - August live cattle closed up $0.35 at $137.10 Wednesday, writes analyst Jim Wyckoff for TheCattleSite. ...
21 May 2014
The Badly Behaved Ones: A Financial Burden?
US - Flighty cows and heifers could be costing ranches money by staying open, cow/calf producers in Oklahoma have been warned....
12 May 2014
Egypt and Peru Block Brazilian Beef
BRAZIL – Egypt and Peru have imposed bans on Brazilian beef following the recent bovine spongiform encephalopathy revelations....
16 April 2014
Capitalise on Drought Culling With Shorter Calving
ANALYSIS - A call has gone out to Kansas ranchers to tighten up calving periods as a means of benefiting from drought culling....
14 April 2014
Weight Limits Snub Continental Breeds
IRELAND – Farming groups are preparing to lobby the government at a beef roundtable this week over processor specifications shunning higher yielding continental breeds....
09 April 2014
Labelling, Ice, Snow Leave Canadian Outlook Foggy
ANALYSIS - A long arctic winter and on-going labelling disputes mean Canada’s beef outlook is hard to call this year....
02 April 2014
Tough Winter Claims More Livestock in US
US - Higher death loss rates are being reported across all ages of cattle in Kentucky as veterinarians assess the impact of a very testing winter....
28 February 2014
What Can Chelated Minerals Do For Cattle?
GLOBAL - Feeding chelated minerals is a decision that can pay off in terms of calf performance as well as improved cow health. ...
27 February 2014
What Might it Take to Rebuild the Beef Herd?
ANALYSIS – Up to 30 per cent of heifers may have to be retained this year on some ranches as US beef embarks on a mission to rebuild breeding cow numbers....
24 February 2014
Expansion of Beef Cattle Herds on Horizon
US - Recent record-high cattle prices and lower feed costs could offer producers the profit incentives they need to start expanding their herds after US beef cattle numbers at the start of this year reached their lowest point since 1951, Purdue Extension...
13 February 2014
Lowest Cattle Numbers Since 1951
US - The annual decline in inventory is likely nearing an end, writes Ron Plain, after analysing the lowest USDA Cattle Inventory Report since 1951. ...
05 February 2014
Beef Industry Has Two to Four Years to Rebuild
US – America’s beef industry could risk taking a back seat unless it executes a herd rebuilding plan soon, warn Cattlefax experts....
24 January 2014
Obese Cows Could Warrant Slimming Pre-Calving Diet
UK – Beef producers are being told to prepare for an increase in calving difficulties this summer by leading experts in Scotland....
17 January 2014
Nashville Cattle Convention to Break Records
US – Nashville hosts the 2014 National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Convention next month which is boasting a further 30 exhibitors....
14 January 2014
Pasture Must Suit the Cow, Expert Advises
CANADA – Mature cows are 400 pounds heavier than thirty years ago, which means sufficient forage is vital for bigger cows, says an Alberta Beef specialist....
10 December 2013
CME Grains Turn Weaker in Aftermath of USDA Supply and Demand Report
ANALYSIS - Corn futures moved lower at midday Tuesday, after seeing a slight bounce following a mildly bullish USDA supply and demand report for December. ...
04 November 2013
Cattle Supply To Drop After Christmas
US – Cattle supply is expected to decline in the New Year, market analysts have predicted, following the latest Cattle on Feed report, released 31 October....
30 October 2013
What Impacts Cow Herd Population?
UK - Heavy snows and forage shortages last spring affected cow numbers on some farms, but the impact is small against a long term decrease that has been going for decades....
18 October 2013
Remember Calf Health After Blizzard
US – Prolonged and devastating weather events can impinge on the immune systems of surviving cattle, South Dakota ranchers have been warned....
09 October 2013
South Dakota Blizzard: The Perfect Storm?
ANALYSIS – An early autumn storm has caught South Dakota unawares and caused devastating losses to cow/calf producers who have been left in the dark over loss indemnity and had herd expansion plans jeopardised....
30 September 2013
Market Signals Suggest Cattlemen Have Cause For Excitement
ANALYSIS - Current market positions of beef and corn are cause for excitement to the US cattle industry, say university experts....
27 September 2013
Herd Rebuilding Process Takes Back Seat as Production Soars
ARGENTINA – Herd rebuilding aspirations have been jeopardised by an increase in female cattle slaughter this year....
24 September 2013
Austrian Farmers Advised on Dry Cow Strategy
AUSTRIA – Monitoring cow health and performance through the dry period should be a top priority this autumn, the Land Chamber has said....
03 September 2013
No Suckler Premium For Dairy Farmers Next Year
SPAIN – Suckler cow premiums will not be distributed to dairy farmers for 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture has ruled....
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