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20 November 2018
Beef Farmers Could Boost Profits Through New Breeding Tools
UK - Five new Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for traits that farmers are directly paid for have been developed to help farmers improve profits by producing more beef animals that meet target specification....
01 November 2018
Genes that Could Lead to Improvement of Beef Cattle Identified
BRAZIL - Beef cattle improvement programs have focused for decades on promoting the rapid growth of calves. Now, the goal is to improve other traits, such as meat tenderness or ribeye muscle area....
30 October 2018
FAO: Harnessing Power of Livestock to Drive Sustainable Development
GLOBAL - A new FAO report highlights the multiple contributions made by the global livestock sector — especially to the lives of millions of poor, animal-dependent small-scale producers in developing countries — but also says that changes in policies...
29 October 2018
Farmers Wanted for Progressive Groups
UK - Recruitment has started for the next two groups of forward-thinking English beef and lamb farmers to be part of AHDB Beef & Lamb’s progressive groups....
19 October 2018
UC Davis Leads National Cow Genomics Effort
US - The cattle industry is the largest agricultural commodity in the United States, generating more than $100 billion in farm cash receipts in 2016. ...
18 October 2018
Number of Cattle in Korea Up in Q3/2018
SOUTH KOREA - The number of livestock in South Korea rose on-year in the third quarter of 2018 due to more calves being bred, government data showed Thursday....
05 October 2018
Govt to Fund Cattle Farmers
ZIMBABWE - Cattle farmers in Manicaland will soon receive funding from the Government to acquire animals for breeding under the Command Livestock programme....
01 October 2018
Fiji Successfully Executes First Cattle Embryo Transfer
FIJI - Fiji's first embryo transfer program on cattle has been marked a success following the birth of calves or calving stage at the Ministry of Agriculture’s Sigatoka Research Station....
29 August 2018
Recombinetics Closes $34m in Series A Funding
US - Recombinetics, a pioneer in gene-editing solutions for human health and animal agriculture, has announced the completion of a $34 million Series A financing round....
07 August 2018
Injectable Trace Minerals Improve Mineral Status in Beef Heifers
US - It can be a struggle for beef cattle producers to maintain mineral status, especially for cattle on pasture, so many implement a trace mineral supplementation program. ...
18 July 2018
Cattle Breeding Boosts Farmers' Income
CHINA - With the help of Agricultural Bank of China, the Daditou Specialized Farmers' Cooperative in Dashan town in Panzhou, Guizhou province, is exploring new types of collateral to secure loans, while the State-owned commercial lender is devoting more...
09 July 2018
Study Finds New Genomic Regions Associated to Weight Gain in Nelore Cattle
BRAZIL - A pioneering research project has identified genes potentially associated with functions such as growth and weight gain in the Nelore breed. These functions are key to beef production. The researchers pinpointed genomic regions that had changed...
15 June 2018
Pelvic Measuring Helps Rate Heifers’ Breeding Performance
SCOTLAND, UK - Pelvic measuring of heifers will now be a regular activity on Morayshire Monitor Farm after recent try outs found merit in it as a management tool....
25 May 2018
Animal Transport Vital to Scottish Livestock, Says NFUS
SCOTLAND, UK - NFU Scotland has outlined the importance of animal transport to the Scottish livestock industry....
22 May 2018
AgriLife Research, Forage Genetics International Sign Multi-year Agreement
US - A greater interest in forage sorghums from the beef and dairy industries has led to a multi-year agreement between Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Forage Genetics International LLC, or FGI, a subsidiary of Arden Hills, Minnesota-based Land O'Lakes...
01 May 2018
Companies to be Asked to Start Breeding Cattle for Export
MYANMAR - Live cattle exports have been on the rise since the trade was legalised last year, said U Moe Zaw, a director from the Livestock Breeding & Veterinary Department under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation. ...
18 April 2018
One way to help enhance labour efficiency
There are many things that can cut into the profitability and satisfaction of a beef cattle operation. Employees are a big expense as well as an investment. Medication costs for treating diseases like bovine respiratory disease (BRD) can be another big...
17 April 2018
MARDI's KK Cattle Breed Provides Lucrative Returns
MALAYSIA - The Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) has produced a new breed of cattle called the Kedah-Kelantan (KK) breed which has the potential of providing lucrative returns to small and medium-scale livestock breeders....
13 April 2018
Cattle Artificial Insemination Programme Begins
ZIMBABWE - The livestock artificial insemination programme has kicked off in Matabeleland South Province with at least 2500 animals being targeted under the initiative aimed at improving the quality of herd in the province....
23 March 2018
NZ-led Study Reveals DNA of Cattle, Sheep Bacteria
NEW ZEALAND - International scientists led by New Zealanders have identified the genetic makeup of over 500 species of bacteria found in the gut of cattle and sheep....
28 February 2018
DNA Study of Cow Stomachs Could Aid Meat, Dairy Production
UK - Meat and milk production from cattle could one day be boosted, thanks to analysis of microbes in cows' stomachs....
27 February 2018
Cracking the Genetic Code for Complex Traits in Cattle
AUSTRALIA - A massive global study involving 58,000 cattle has pinpointed the genes that influence the complex genetic trait of height in cattle, opening the door for researchers to use the same approach to map high-value traits including those important...
19 February 2018
VP Chiwenga to Unveil Livestock Revival Project
ZIMBABWE - Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga (Retired) is expected to launch the livestock revitalisation programme in Insiza. ...
14 February 2018
Development Opportunities for Beef Industry Advisers
UK - Advisers to the beef industry are being encouraged to hone their skills by taking part in the Developing Beef Expertise Programme....
12 February 2018
Federal Court Rules Controversial Cattle Genome Patent Invalid
AUSTRALIA - Australia's cattle industry has scored a win against the US-based owners over a patent application it feared would put the brakes on improvement in Australia's cattle herd....
04 January 2018
NCBA, Cattle Genetics Experts Team Up for 2018 Genetic Webinar Series
US - Cattle genetics will be the focus of a new set of webinars to help cattlemen and women better use the tool in their operations. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is teaming up with six genetics specialists from across the country to offer...
03 January 2018
Nutramix Signs Major Cattle Semen Deal
JAMAICA - Nutramix has inked a deal with American firm Select Sires under which the Jamaican company will distribute highly fertile, superior genetics for cattle across the island and the throughout the Caribbean....
23 November 2017
New Round of Funding for DIY AI Course Available
UK - Funding for the AHDB Beef & Lamb DIY artificial insemination (AI) courses has been extended, with a further 250 places available following excellent uptake of the initiative in 2017....
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