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07 April 2021
Unlocking the potential of Kyrgyzstan’s livestock sector
Agriculture is the leading employment sector in Kyrgyzstan and it boasts 9.1 million hectares of pasture, but its beef and dairy sectors have languished since it gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 – Azis Kyrgyzbaev explains why....
05 April 2021
How do livestock farms benefit from genome editing?
Animal breeding could become more efficient with an approach that combines DNA-editing techniques with new reproductive technologies....
23 March 2021
NFU UK cautiously welcomes progress on future regulation of gene editing
The NFU believes new precision breeding techniques, such as gene editing, could protect crops and animals from pests and disease, help deliver net zero and allow farmers to produce more home-grown food....
12 March 2021
Weekly beef and dairy digest: cattle herds increase across the globe
Cattle herds in Latin America, China and Australia are growing while Ukraine's livestock market continues to decline. ...
17 February 2021
Calves on the ground put money in the pocket
The next crop of calves is what keeps the cattle industry in business. Knowing this, a Texas A&M University study aims to reduce reproduction failure, which can cause a significant loss to the US beef industry....
01 February 2021
Considerations for Maintaining Condition in our Breeding Bulls during Winter
For bulls coming out of the breeding season, body weight loss may have occurred, and we need to make sure that we get bulls back in condition before the next season....
25 January 2021
Next Few Months Critical to Spring Fertility
Getting management of the suckler cow right in the January to April period will be critical in determining the success of the 2021 breeding season. Most Spring calving suckler cows are either just freshly calved or will calve in the next 8-12 weeks. Aidan...
With increase in rainfall, pay attention to cases of bovine leptospirosis
The intensification of rains in this period is conducive to the proliferation of different disease-causing microorganisms, such as leptospirosis, which affects several species of animals, including cattle....
04 January 2021
Cow-calf producers should watch for signs indicating trichomoniasis
Cattle producers need to be aware that non-pregnant cows going through the breeding season and those that abort might potentially be infected with the reproductive disease trichomoniasis, Oklahoma State University Extension experts said....
28 December 2020
Meet Cosmo, a Bull Calf Designed to Produce 75% Male Offspring
Scientists at the University of California, Davis, have successfully produced a bull calf, named Cosmo, who was genome-edited as an embryo so that he’ll produce more male offspring. The research was presented in a poster in July at the American Society...
22 December 2020
Freemartinism: producers should record multiple births in their herds
Cow-calf producers need to keep recordkeeping and genetic drift in mind when cattle births result in twins that are a heifer calf and a bull calf....
08 December 2020
New three-way crossbreeding programme for spring-grazing dairy herds
VikingGenetics has launched a new, three-way crossbreeding programme in the UK, suited in particular to spring calving herds on grazing systems....
17 September 2020
Jump in use of sexed dairy, beef semen
Sales of sexed dairy semen accounted for just over half of dairy semen sales in the year to March 2020, jumping up from a 32% share the previous year, writes Katherine Jack, AHDB analyst for dairy. ...
15 September 2020
Five tips to prepare for the wet season
Northern beef producer Colin Burnett manages ‘Lara Downs’, a 33,000ha property north of Julia Creek, and knows the impacts a variable climate can have on production all too well. ...
11 September 2020
Romania's cattle breeding sector gets €7.4 million lifeline
The European Commission has approved €7.4 million to support Romanian cattle breeding companies that have been affected by COVID-19. ...
20 August 2020
Common feed ingredient tested safe in bulls
Cattle feeders choose distillers grains in feedlot diets as an inexpensive alternative to corn and soybean meal. ...
10 August 2020
Ireland makes payments on calf investment scheme
Agriculture Minister Calleary announces that payments have commenced under the Calf Investment Scheme....
03 August 2020
Not all inbreeding is depressing
Inbreeding may decrease the performance of cows, a phenomenon known as inbreeding depression. ...
31 July 2020
China to permit foreign investment in livestock breeding
China’s state planner has said it will encourage foreign investment in livestock and poultry breeding from 2020....
28 July 2020
Genome-edited bull passes on hornless trait to calves
For the past two years, researchers at the University of California, Davis, have been studying six offspring of a dairy bull, genome-edited to prevent it from growing horns. This technology has been proposed as an alternative to dehorning, a common management...
17 June 2020
Improving and conserving the carabao population in the Philippines using the Applied Biosystems™ Axiom™ technology
The future of agriculture lies in diversity. Many parts of the world depend on crops and livestock different from those bred in the United States and Europe, and the agricultural sciences are finally catching up to that reality....
13 June 2020
17 April 2020
Gene edited cattle: are we there yet?
As gene editing technology advances, the possibility of genetically modified beef and dairy cattle is closer than ever. Where is the cattle industry now, and how do we ensure consumer and environmental safety as the technology becomes more widespread?...
12 March 2020
Common feed ingredient tested safe in bulls
US - Cattle feeders choose distillers grains in feedlot diets as an inexpensive alternative to corn and soybean meal. But until now, no one had studied the effects of the common feed ingredient on bull development and fertility. With bull fertility to...
09 March 2020
Genome editing’s potential to reshape agriculture for a better future
Mention genome editing out loud and many involved in the agricultural industry will twitch in fear while others can foresee the precise benefits it can bring....
28 February 2020
English cattle population falls in December
UK - As at 1 December, the total cattle population in England totalled 5.15 million head, 2.2 percent (115,000 head) less than at the same point in the previous year, according to the latest survey from Defra, writes Felicity Rusk, analyst for AHDB Dairy...
14 February 2020
Magnesium boost could reduce slow calving risk
Farmers are being advised to increase the level of magnesium in minerals given to suckler cows before calving after new research found they absorb less than previously thought....
13 February 2020
IFA Urges Farmers to be Particularly Vigilant During Spring Calving
IRELAND - With spring calving now underway on many Irish farms, IFA National Farm Family Chairperson, Caroline Farrell has urged farmers to be particularly vigilant to ensure their own safety....
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