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Japan meat import volume up 16.4%

21 July 2022

Grain, soybean imports from US down; meat up 4.5%

According to a table published by Reuters, Japan's imports of agricultural commodities such as grain, soybeans and meat have increased year over year. Imports from the US, however, have declined.

Grain imports, for instance, have risen to 2.24 million tonnes, and were valued at 143,160 million Japanese yen. Year over year, grain import volume rose 8.2% and value rose 65%. Grain imports from the US specifically, however, dropped 4.2% in volume, but rose 54.2% in value.

Soybeans showed similar numbers. Import volume rose 4.2% year over year, while value rose 42.4%. Volume-wise, however, soybean imports from the US declined 26.4%, while value increased 1.5%. 

Japan imported 284,010 tonnes of meat, up 16.4%, valued at 180,638 million yen (up 39.3% year on year). Meat import volume from the US rose 4.5%, while value rose 35.4%. 



Source: Reuters


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