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Canadian Beef Development Fund Helped in BSE Recovery

25 January 2007

CANADA - National Beef Industry Development Fund used in a variety of ways to help Canadian beef industry recover from tough times.

From promoting 'healthy hamburgers' to boosting beef nutrition awareness, projects supported by the $9.25 million National Beef Industry Development Fund (NBIDF) have played a key role in BSE recovery for the Canadian beef industry.

"The public response was very positive," says Mike Cook, Beef Information Centre chairman. "As a result of these initiatives and the broader effort, Canada became the only country to increase domestic beef consumption following a BSE incident."

The competitiveness of the Canadian beef industry was changed dramatically in May of 2003, when a cow in Alberta tested positive for BSE. Canadian beef producers quickly lost export markets for beef products. That dictated an urgent need to develop the industry's domestic program for those beef products.

To address that need, the BIC developed a Commercial Beef Utilization Strategy, designed to increase the size of the commercial beef market domestically, increase market share within that domestic market, and add value to beef products through product innovation.

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