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06 January 2017
View news from Global Australia Trade Set to Get Boost with Tariff Cuts
CHINA & AUSTRALIA - Up to 98.5 per cent of Chinese products exported to Australia will enjoy zero tariffs, after the two countries implemented the third round of tariff cuts on 1 January under a bilateral free trade agreement, the Ministry of Commerce...
23 December 2016
View news from Global Digestibility Is the Top Reason Livestock Producers Use Phytogenic Feed Additives
GLOBAL - Digestibility enhancement ranks as the number one reason that the livestock industry uses phytogenic feed additives (PFAs), according to a recent survey of more than one thousand agribusiness professionals....
16 December 2016
View news from Global Supply-Driven Global Meat Markets to Put Pressure on Prices, Rabobank Says
GLOBAL – Consumers are set to benefit from downward pressure on global meat prices during 2017, according to a new report from the Rabobank Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory group. ...
01 December 2016
View news from Global Certification Would Ensure Quality Welfare During Cattle Transport
Following best practices will improve welfare of cattle and provide economic benefits in dairy and beef transportation, according to a new article in The Professional Animal Scientist....
30 November 2016
View news from Global ASPAC Performance and Portfolio Expansion Mark Another Successful Year for AB Vista
GLOBAL - Animal nutrition technology company AB Vista, has revealed a successive year of global market share growth driven largely by strong sales of the Quantum Blue and Econase XT enzyme product lines....
16 November 2016
View news from Global Investors Mark Progress on Reducing Antibiotic Use in Food Chain
GLOBAL - A group of investors has marked progress on reducing use of antibiotics in food chain businesses by publishing a new investor briefing on the subject as part of World Antibiotic Awareness Week....
15 November 2016
View news from Global Farm Vigilance a Key Priority in Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance
GLOBAL - Measures which encourage the prudent use of antibiotics in the food chain are likely to be extremely useful in reducing the emergence and spread of resistance to these drugs in bacteria, a new report from the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation...
14 November 2016
View news from Global New Validation Data Presented for Bovine Tuberculosis Detection Kit from Thermo Fisher Scientific
GLOBAL - Validation data presented today by researchers at the 4th Congress of the European Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (EAVLD) shows that Thermo Fisher Scientific’s VetMAX M. tuberculosis Complex PCR kit is a reliable tool to...
11 November 2016
View news from Global Dairy Boosts Global Food Prices in October
GLOBAL - The global Food Price Index from the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) averaged 172.6 points in October, up 0.7 per cent for the month and 9.1 per cent from a year earlier, with the staple grains' index rising for the first time in...
09 November 2016
View news from Global DON and FUM Top Mycotoxin Occurrence in Q3 2016
GLOBAL - Analysis of 4027 feed and raw commodity samples from over 50 countries reveals that deoxynivalenol (DON) and fumonisins (FUM) are the most common mycotoxins found in feedstuffs, according to results of the latest BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey....
08 November 2016
View news from Global Driving the Protein Economy: Unprecedented Challenges and Opportunities
GLOBAL - Remarks by David Hughes, Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing, Imperial College London at the 2016 World Nutrition Forum in Vancouver, Canada....
07 November 2016
View news from Global More Promotion for Brazilian Beef in Arab Countries
GLOBAL - The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and the Brazilian Beef Exporters Association (Abiec) have signed a technical cooperation agreement to work together in advertising and building the product image of beef from Brazil in Arab countries....
View news from Global Nutriad Accelerating in the Americas
GLOBAL - Nutriad, multinational feed additives producer headquartered in Europe, continues to invest in North, Central and South America....
31 October 2016
View news from Global Canada-EU Trade Agreement Brings Change for Beef Trade
GLOBAL - Canadian beef producers have welcomed the signing of a new trade deal between the EU and Canada yesterday, but the deal is less welcome to beef producers in the EU, who fear the impacts on the market....
27 October 2016
View news from Global Diagnosing and Controlling Johne’s Disease in Beef, Dairy Herds
GLOBAL - Johne’s disease, caused by Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP), affects dairy and beef cattle and can cause a range of symptoms including diarrhea, wasting and a dramatic drop in (milk) yield. ...
24 October 2016
View news from Global Maximising Dietary Fibre Digestibility Critical to Dairy and Beef Productivity this Winter
GLOBAL - Many rations are underperforming compared to expectations this winter thanks to lower quality grass silages and potentially higher levels of dietary fibre....
18 October 2016
View news from Global 8 Reasons to Use Broad Spectrum Mycotoxin Protection
GLOBAL - In livestock and aquaculture, feed additives are commonly used to counteract the negative effects of mycotoxins. There are many different kinds of products available on the market, the majority being binders. Some products tackle one specific...
View news from Global Agriculture Key to Curbing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
GLOBAL - The pledge to eradicate hunger and poverty must go hand in hand with rapid transformations of farming and food systems to cope with a warmer world, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has said in a new report....
17 October 2016
View news from Global GRSB Conference Continues Sustainable Beef Conversation
ANALYSIS - Nearly 225 beef value chain stakeholders from 15 countries around the world participated in seminars and moderated discussions focused on advocating for continuous improvement in the global beef value chain during the 2016 Global Conference...
11 October 2016
View news from Global Dairy Price Jump Fuels Global Food Price Rise
GLOBAL - Lower prices for staple grains were more than offset by rising sugar and dairy prices in this month's Food Price Index from the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)....
04 October 2016
View news from Global Small Farms Need Decent Incomes to Help Eliminate Hunger
GLOBAL - Declining prices could thwart international efforts to eradicate hunger and extreme poverty unless steps are taken to guarantee decent incomes and livelihoods for small-scale producers, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Director-General...
26 September 2016
22 September 2016
View news from Global World Leaders Agree Action to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance
GLOBAL - World leaders have signalled an unprecedented level of attention to curb the spread of infections that are resistant to antimicrobial medicines, in a pledge agreed by 193 countries at the United Nations headquarters in New York yesterday....
20 September 2016
View news from Global Bayer, Monsanto Agree to Merge
GLOBAL - Bayer and Monsanto have announced a merger agreement under which Bayer will acquire Monsanto for $128 per share in an all-cash transaction, writes Sarah Mikesell. ...
15 September 2016
View news from Global Importance of Antibiotic Resistance in Farming Stressed Ahead of UN Event
GLOBAL - Good farm hygiene and animal health practices can greatly reduce the need to use antimicrobial medicines, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation said in its new Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance....
12 September 2016
View news from Global BIOMIN Renames Digestarom Product for Dairy Calves and Beef Cattle
GLOBAL - Digestarom® Bos is the new name for the popular phytogenic feed additive for calf milk replacer, calf starter and beef diets globally....
08 September 2016
View news from Global Food Security and Agriculture Essential in Preventing Conflicts
AFRICA - Food security and agriculture have an essential role to play in preventing conflicts and crises on the African continent, blunting their impacts and acting as engines for post-crisis recovery....
07 September 2016
View news from Global G20 Challenged to Fight Antibiotic Resistance
GLOBAL - A paper challenging global business leaders to recognise the complexity of the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) challenge in humans and animals and the role of agriculture, has been circulated at the G20 Summit, which took place at Hangzhou, Zhejiang...
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